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          construction machinery


          • Radial Press Concrete Pipe Machine
          • Vertical Vibration Concrete Pipe Machine
          • Roller Suspension Concrete Pipe Machine
          • Hume Concrete pipe machine
          • Pipe Cage Welding Machine
          • Centrifugal Spun pole /Pile Plant
          • Other machine for spun pole/pile plant
          • Concrete Block Plant
          • PCCP Concrete Pipe Plant
          • Concrete Mixer and Mixing Plant
          • Contruction Material
          • Hydraulic
          • Other Construction Machinery
          construction machinery equipment
          QT10-15 automatic block production line

          Technical Characteristics Of Block Forming Machine

          The machine is compact in structure and reasonable in equipment. The rotating part is mechanized. It is accurate and reliable. Reduce labor intensity and increase production efficiency. Upper and lower pressure, directional vibration, frequency conversion brake, achieve high density and high strength molding effect. One machine is multi-purpose and different moulds can be used to produce block products with different shapes and specifications. The mechanical structure of each part is easy to observe, the operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, and the failure is not easy to occur to ensure the normal operation of production.


          construction equipment sale
          construction equipment sale
          construction equipment sale