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          Concrete Pipe Machine

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          Precast Concrete machinery
          16th January 2020

          Dear Customers,We are going to cease operations for some time.Chinese lunar new year holidays have been scheduled as follows: The office will close on Jan.24 to Jan.31, 2020 and reopen on Feb.1st, 2020We thank you for your support over the past year and we wish you all a good holiday season!Yours fa

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          Precast Concrete machinery
          Iran pole mold delivery
          13th January 2020

          Today, after the inspection of the electric pole molds of the Iranian customer, we found that there was no problem. Therefore, we also reasonably arranged the shipment and packing for the customer. Our engineers supervised the loading on site to ensure that all the molds would be sent to the custome

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          Precast Concrete machinery
          Cambodia suspension roller delivery
          09th January 2020

          The production of 300-1200/2.5mXG series Concrete pipe machine and 20 sets of Concrete pipe molds ordered by the customer in Cambodia has been completed. After the customer's inspection and approval, we are also in a hurry to arrange the delivery.By now, the load has been completed and we are ab

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          Precast Concrete machinery
          ?The Philippines customer overhead crane 5、 10 ton production
          24th December 2019

          The Philippines customer overhead crane 5 、 10 ton production has stopped, so we also in a timely manner to the inspection and ensure the quality, then arrange delivery according to customer requirements, after days of packing and shipping, also arrange hair go smoothly, hope customers after

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